Readiness for Kindergarten – Learning Fun At Home/Laundry

Previous blog posts were about sorting the laundry for some readiness for kindergarten language fun and some basic learning about size and colors. Now, that the clothes are washed it’s time to put them away and have some physical activity playtime.

Laundry rooms never seem to be in convenient locations but putting the clothes away doesn’t have to be boring. As you and your child carry some of the clothes instead of just walking, hop down the hall. Pretend the shirts are flying as they swoop into the closet to get put on the hangers. Kids love to  basketball-throw the pairs of socks rolled together into the drawers. Yeah, and the socks score again. The towels can swim, maybe,  to their shelf? Give your child the empty basket and imagine it’s sooo heavy that it takes a long time just to move a step.

Exploring the ways that bodies can move is part of kindergarten readiness. Physical growth is tremendously important at this age and kids need lots of activity for healthy physical development. Putting away the laundry can be turned into a game and makes good use of some of kids’ energy. Whoops, is that a dishcloth that just went sailing by? Can you catch the learning?


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