Kindergarten Readiness Takes A Bath – Learning Fun At Home

Bath time can be learning time. While no kindergarten readiness checklist will have an item for science, exploring and discovering are part of growing and developing for kids. A bathtub (or kitchen sink) can be full of learning.

Some things float and some things sink. Give your child some objects and have him/her check to see what things will float. A few things could be: a rubber duckie, a facecloth, an empty plastic shampoo bottle, a sponge, a toy boat, a plastic spoon, a toothbrush, etc. I expected that all toothbrushes would float but some do sink. Plastic spoons don’t all float either depending on how they go into the water. The plastic bottles sink when full of water.

Observing and predicting are 2 science skills that children will use over and over. This bathtime float/sink activity lets children find out for themselves and practice these skills, too. Do you agree that having fun experimenting with what things will float and sink is both play and readiness for kindergarten?


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