Readiness for Kindergarten – Grocery Shopping Counts

As a readiness for kindergarten learning activity shopping for groceries counts–by counting! Counting is one of the first math skills that children learn. While kids may know the numbers in the right order, that does not mean they understand about counting. First, children need to learn that one item goes with one number. Lots and lots of practice is needed just counting in order for kids’ brains to make this connection.

The super market is a great place to practice counting. Following are some suggestions. You may ask your little one to get 2 boxes of cereal. Another possibility is putting 5 apples in a bag. Have your child count with you as you pick out carrots. How many bananas are in a bunch? Older kids may be able to do some adding. For instance, there are 3 oranges in the bag now and how many with 2 more? If there is 1 jug of milk in the fridge at home and 2 more in the shopping cart how many jugs? The Express checkout says 10 items. Does your basket have 10 or more than 10? (

There’s lots of ways to have fun with numbers and help your little ones with kindergarten readiness when getting groceries. Does this 2 for 1 work for you?


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