Readiness for Kindergarten – Backpacks for Color Learning

While some backpack colors are certainly more popular than others, any color can help when it comes to kindergarten readiness learning. Learning colors is not easy for young toddlers. Without shape or size colors are an abstract concept. We can’t feel them, buy them or even describe them without referring to something else. Many different objects share a color: grass, leaves, vegetables, and clothing can all be green but not the same green. There are zillions of variations of every color. In order for children to learn a color they need to see lots of things that are that color and lots that are not, gradually figuring out which shades go with which name.

Many readiness for kindergarten evaluations ask if kids know colors because it is a quick way of checking the level of learning. Kids who are struggling with colors may be struggling with other concepts, too. Learning colors needs lots of experiences–and yes and no feedback. Even if your child is not yet starting kindergarten, s/he quite possibly has a backpack already. What color is it? Check out other ones that you see together and color your day with learning fun.

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