Readiness for Kindergarten – Backpacks and Kerplunks

On the weekend at a regional Baby Fair, the award-winning children’s band The Kerplunks performed to an appreciative audience of little kids and big ones, from very new baby bumps all the way to accompanying grandparents. Since my book table was right across from the main stage I got to hear them all 4 times. And now the song” I’ve got my gumboots on, I’ve got my gumboots one, From dusk to dawn with my my gumboots on,” is stuck in my head! Of course, it’s a rainy day song and our weather is very wet but it’s been there for 2 days! To vary the lyrics, I’ve substituted the word backpack. Now the song has another verse:

I’ve got my backpack on, I’ve got my backpack on, From dusk to dawn, I’ve got my backpack on.

The Kerplunks not only sing but they play lots of different instruments. The Backpacks could be the name of a new musical group and the instruments could be made from things around the house. How about a tissue box with elastic bands to strum, or a plastic container with some dry macaroni as a shaker? Pots or pans and a wooden spoon make great drums. Put on some favorite songs that won’t get stuck in your head and let your child move, dance and play along.

Music is an awesome activity for all kinds of readiness for kindergarten concepts including listening, rhythm, body awareness, etc. Both math and music have a similar system of ascending and descending order, notes with spaces and numbers with spaces, etc. so music prepares brain pathways and connections for learning math. Music is very powerful not just for kindergarten readiness but for all kinds of brain development. Help your little one find a crazy costume, strap a backpack on the back, create an instrument for the front and a 1-2-3 we’ve got some learning fun, we’ve got some learning fun…!

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