Readiness for Kindergarten – Fun Ways To Say Thank You

With some clearing up done now after the holidays there’s another very important item on the to-do list: saying thank you. When I was little, I remember my mother making me write thank you notes after Christmas. I never knew what to say and I found copying and printing very difficult. However, when I became a mom, I made my kids do it too, though we made it a lot more fun. Learning basic manners is not just a kindergarten readiness skill. Some parents and caregivers show little ones how to sign please before they can even talk. Here’s some ideas:

  • Fold a paper in half like a card. Have your child color a picture or just some scribbles. Adults can do the writing and little ones can trace over the letters of their name. Let your child add some stickers.
  • Cut out a picture from a card or wrapping paper. Glue it on a paper and surround it with X’s and O’s for kisses and hugs.
  • For older toddlers that like the idea of “writing” themselves, adults can write the letters from 1 to 10 in a line down a page. Kids only have to add the letter Q, a circle with a little leg. 10 Q sounds like Thank You!
  • Take a picture of your child playing with the toy or trying on the new outfit. Print it off and adults can write kids’ comments. (I’m havin’ tea.)
  • Make a short video of your little one saying thank you and email it. Special phone calls are another possibility.

Sometimes kids may not really like a gift they have received. It’s still important to say thank you and adults can help them say something simple such as “Thank you for thinking of me”. Social skills are an important part of readiness for kindergarten and manners are one aspect. What might be some other ways for kids to say thank you?

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