Readiness for Kindergarten – Yummy Fun with 8

Now this is exploring numbers!! and when someone asks you what happened to 8, you just say you 8 it up!! Just found this yummy learning and kindergarten readiness activity on Deborah’s TeachPreschool blog using M & M’s.

Using a bowl of small things like Cheerios, fishy crackers, Shreddies and M & M’s let your child count, sort and match.Which color has the most? How many purples are there? (None, there are no purple M & M’s.) Some colors make a really long line, some just a short line.

I made a quick chart for a pair of little hands to make lots of numbers. Lots of exploration of numbers is needed for kids to develop number sense. Some children may notice that as numbers get bigger and bigger lines get longer and longer as well. Others may see that each number is one more. Children will learn these concepts as they are ready by building on all their previous experiences with numbers. As kids make brain connections they are also developing readiness for what they will do in kindergarten.

After some counting fun, your child may just want to make some designs. This is part of number fun too. 8 (ate) is my favorite number. What’s yours?

4 thoughts on “Readiness for Kindergarten – Yummy Fun with 8”

  1. Haha – for an activity like this #8 is definitely my favorite number too! What a great counting board and easy to make too!

  2. Have you ever played the “I ‘one’ it game? We used to play that in the car all time time as a kid. This post reminds me of that game…

    I saw an old brown cow in the middle of the road and….

    I ‘one’ it.
    I ‘two’ it.
    I ‘three’ it.
    I ‘four’ it.
    I ‘five’ it.
    I ‘six’ it.
    I ‘seven’ it.
    I jumped over it and you ‘eight’ it!

    Everyone takes a turn and the 8th person gets to jump over it and not eat it. But if the change the beginning to say “I saw a strawberry sundae” then #8 might just want to go ahead and eat it:)

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