Readiness for Kindergarten – Recognition = Encouragement

I’m starting this month’s blog with a big Thank You. I was included for a Versatile Blogger Award by Shelle at Preschool Play Time. My own personal excitement at being recognized and included reminded me that our kids experience those same feelings. My suggestion for a learning and kindergarten readiness activity for today would be to let your little one know that you notice his/her efforts. Learning to cope and grow can sometimes be very challenging for kids and a Wow, Super can be encouraging and motivating for social/emotional development.

According to the rules for a Versatile Blogger Award I now get to send one to 15 other blogs and to tell you 7 things about myself! Here are some other sites (abc order) that I visit for inspiration and hope you will too. Thanks again to Versatile Blogger and to Shelle’s Preschool. Enjoy…

what we all need: A Little Learning For Two

creativity: Casa Maria’s Creative Learning Zone

with handy translator gadget: De tout et de rien

art ideas: Dilly-Dali Art

messy is okay: Getting Messy With Ms. Jessi

handy and footy: Fun Handprint and Footprint Art

fun and sun: My Sunny Side Up Life

fun and play: No Time For Flashcards

fun altogether: PreK + K Sharing

grown-up getting dressed time: Pick Out Artists

science fun: Sci Spark

grow some learning: The SEEDS Network

remember imagination: Spark Your Imagination

and outside time: Sun Hats and Wellie Boots

And 7 things about me include:

-I love teaching little ones (everyone else is taller than I am).
-My house has books in practically every room.
-I sometimes feel like I am in kindergarten when it comes to computers.
-I believe our imagination needs nourishment, too.
-I wish I could draw as well as some kids do.
-I am not always on time or even in the right place.
-My kids gave me “Duct Tape Forever” for Christmas, along with a book
of Knock, Knock and Cross the Road jokes for my quirky sense of humor.


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One thought on “Readiness for Kindergarten – Recognition = Encouragement”

  1. Thank so much Barbara for including us on your list! We too get a lot of our inspiration from the other blogs you have listed .. but there are also a few ones that are new to us that we’ll have to go and check out!!

    Thanks again!!!

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