Kindergarten Readiness – Super(Bowl) Half-Time Show at Home

During the Superbowl half-time show I saw a lot of music and dancing. The only thing I noticed was that Madonna somehow changed costumes. I did think that we enjoy the same thing as adults that we do as kids except that for kids the music, costumes and dancing is something they do rather than just watch.
Kids enjoy moving, (except when we need them to hurry)! Movin’ n’ groovin helps them explore the position of their bodies in space. As for music, moving to music is a powerful activity for all kinds of readiness for kindergarten concepts including listening, rhythm, and body awareness, too. Music prepares brain pathways and connections for learning math: both math and music have a similar system of ascending and descending order, notes have spaces in between and numbers do, as well.

For a super(bowl) show at home, can you help your little one find a costume, put on some music and dance up some learning?


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