Readiness for Kindergarten – Learning in the Pink

Pink is a valentine color along with red and white and can be used to color up some valentine learning and readiness for kindergarten. Being able to correctly name a color isn’t quick and easy for children. Instead, it is very challenging and requires several thinking skills.  To learn what color goes with what name, kids need lots of experiences. Think of the many variations of the color pink and how different the objects can be that share this color. Pink is not a thing; it’s an idea. We can’t go to the store and buy a pink. For kids to learn the idea of the color pink they need to see lots of things that are pink and lots that are not so they gradually build up a basic idea of “pinkness”.

What's not pink? (frogs)

To help your child with pink, together think of some things that are pink: bunny ears, pigs, lips, a kitty cat’s nose, tongues, strawberry yogurt, cotton candy. If a quick tidy-up is on the list of chores for today, go on a pink hunt. While you and your child put a few things away in each room, look around for things that are pink. There are probably some clothes in the bedroom that are pink. Are there some dishes in the kitchen that are pink? Anything in the laundry that’s pink? On a bus ride, watch and see if there is something pink as you go by. The grocery store may have some things that are pink. Is there anything to eat that’s pink?

You may have some pink paper at home. Or your child could color with different things that are pink, a crayon, marker or paints. Any pink playdough? For kids that can play with buttons without eating them, you might want to find a few buttons and let them sort out the ones that are pink.

Many kindergarten readiness checklists include being able to  name at least some colors. This gives teachers an idea of a child’s level of thinking skills. Kids who are struggling with colors may be struggling with other concepts, too. A few fun activities will help your child learn all about pink. Do you have other suggestions for learning the color pink?


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