Readiness for Kindergarten – The Many Faces of Learning

Maybe that title should read Learning to Make Many Faces. Valentine’s was a great time to start some posts on social and emotional development in young children. Yesterday the topic was helping kids learn the names of their feelings and emotions by supplying the words. When we see children showing a particular response we can label that for the child: “I see you are really upset. Are you feeling angry?” etc. Giving kids the words they need also gives them a way to talk about their feelings. Another aspect is helping them figure out what others are feeling.

Helping children learn to read faces is important for getting along with others, and for readiness for kindergarten. A mirror is a fun learning tool. Give your child a safe mirror and let your munchkin make all kinds of faces: happy, sad, angry, scared, worried, etc.

For some interaction play Mirror, Mirror on the Wall. This time you get to be the mirror. Your child makes a face and you make that same face and be the mirror back to him/her. You might need to supply the words for different faces. Much harder is having your child be your mirror, where you make the face and your child tries to make the same one. Ask and see if s/he knows what kind of face you are making. Mirror, mirror on the wall. The face we make tells it all…. What’s yours ?

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