Kindergarten Readiness – Spring Fun & Learning Activities #7

1 little, 2 little, 3 little seeds to plant…and to learn about, not just for kindergarten readiness. Planting seeds is one of those activities that kids can do over and over and somehow it never loses the magic. Bean seeds are a favorite to plant because they grow quickly and are big enough to see changes. Soak a few seeds for an hour or two or overnight. There are a few ways to plant them. A clear plastic glass with a bit of dirt will work and make it easy to see the roots. I saw this idea of using a paper towel roll to make little pots by folding the bottom edge over a little bit but I love the idea of putting the seed in a plastic bag and taping it to the window. We dipped a paper towel in water and tucked it in the bag, too, to keep the soil moist.

There’s lots of learning about seeds, plants, caring for them, growing, cycles, sun and more. While this isn’t specific information that kids need to learn before kindergarten doing a project and watching how it turns out are basic developmental as well as kindergarten readiness skills. Children practice being patient even though it is very hard and are rewarded with green sprouts that reach onward and upward, just like we hope our little kidlet sprouts do. Do you agree we’re not just planting seeds but planting learning, too?


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