Kindergarten Readiness – Happy Mother’s Day

For the past two weeks, kindergarten readiness blog posts have been about how to grow children’s brains and make them smarter. I recently read an article that is perfect for today:
A Mother’s Love Is Good for Child’s Brain How to develop my child’s kindergarten readiness?

The article summarizes a research project from the Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, showing “…that changes in this critical region of children’s brain anatomy are linked to a mother’s nurturing.” Loving attention, from a parent or primary caregiver, impacts children’s brains!

So much attention is given to academic preparation in regards to kindergarten readiness and so little given to supporting parents. Do you think that one day we might get it the other way around? Today, for moms, grandmoms, or other caregivers that are functioning as mothers, enjoy the day and share some cuddles, snuggles, hugs, and fun with your children knowing that you are nourishing and growing your children’s minds.

Happy Mother’s Day


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