Kindergarten Readiness And Memorial Day

Memorial Day activities can be part of children’s development (and kindergarten readiness) and acknowledge the special meaning of the day. There may be events that are appropriate for children’s participation in your community. There are also things that families can do at home.

Memorial Day for KidsIn a recent post, parenting expert Michele Borba wrote that “… even the smallest of acts can make a big difference and giving to others can be fun.” Memorial Day recognizes the ultimate giving of others to us. Little ones are often generous and we can encourage them to share and be kind. Is there a member of the family who could use some help? Or a neighbor who would appreciate a short, cheery visit? When grocery shopping, kids can pick out an item for a food bank. They can help fold and pack clothes for a local clothes drive, although help may not be the most accurate word for their efforts.

“Having a giving heart is important…” as Dr. Borba reminds us. Involving kids in a  sharing and caring activity is one way to honor the day. Developing hearts is just as important as developing minds.

(Memorial Day in the US is celebrated in May. Remembrance Day is celebrated in Canada in November.)

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