Kindergarten Readiness – June Bugs For Fun and Learning #6

Helping your child develop kindergarten readiness can come in all kinds of packages, including this one in the video below. With summer coming, we hope, kids are outside more. At this time of year, they often discover bugs and other creepy crawlies. Then, of course, they want to bring the critters home. While you can buy bug catchers, you can also make them, as this video shows.

What are some of the things that kids learn from bugs? Children connect with nature in a very meaningful way at their own level. As they watch, they marvel at how the creature moves, feeds, looks, etc. This sharpens their observation skills and their use of language as they share with us what they see. Kids ask questions and search for answers about what their bug eats and does. While kids will certainly learn some new vocabulary and information as they care for their bug, they also learn such life lessons as responsibility and compassion. These are only a few, what other kindergarten readiness skills can kids learn from bugs?

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