Kindergarten Readiness– June Bugs For Fun and Learning #11

The recycling basket often hides great treasures for all kinds of kindergarten readiness play and learning. Jar and bottle lids are today’s find. All lined up they make long, bendy caterpillars. Round up some lids of different sizes and let your child put them together in a row. Scramble them up and make a different one. Adults can show kids how to put the lids in order of size, from either smallest to biggest or biggest to smallest.
From the time kids are new, they learn that we do things in order. When they are older toddlers, we involve them in sequencing activities from first thing in the morning to last thing at night: first get ready for bed and then a story, etc. Despite the constant exposure, sequencing skills are still a challenge for kids when they start kindergarten and throughout school. They are even a challenge for some adults, like checking the map first instead of after.

Not all children will be able to sequence the jar lids in order of size.  Nevertheless, it’s still a worthwhile activity and begins to build on the idea. Brain connections need lots of repetition. Are there other treasures that you can find for your child to practice the kindergarten readiness skill of putting things in order or sequence?

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