Kindergarten Readiness– June Bugs For Fun and Learning #14

Kindergarten readiness involves some emotional bravery. While some children are eager to be off on their own, for many it can be scary. Something as small as a bug can be scary, too. Learning to deal with that issue can help farther down the road.

Some children will have had nasty experiences with creepy crawlies but their fears and reactions can be intense. For all kids, some more information about bugs can be helpful. Check carefully for some low-key, ordinary images of bugs on the internet. One day at a toy store, stop and pick out a plastic critter, soft bug stuffie, or colorful picture book about bugs. Draw and color pictures; sing about spiders and other bugs. Use a clear jar or container with a good lid and watch a bug inside. Be sure to poke a few air holes in the lid.

Just like with adults, we can’t tell a child not to be afraid, there is nothing to be scared of. We can acknowledge their fear and feelings matter of factly and support kids with reassurance, information and positive experiences. This will help them deal with their fears. (And if you have to recruit your 4-yr old to please take the spider in the bathtub outside for you so it can play with other spider friends, while bravely hiding your dislike or fear of it with a big smile, you may find some of these strategies helpful, too.) Does your child have any fears or scary issues that may impact kindergarten readiness later on?

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