Kindergarten Readiness – Plastic Bugs for Learning Fun

Plastic bugs – dollar store; kindergarten readiness learning and fun – priceless. A few bugs and stickers from the dollar store provided hours of play time for supported all different kinds of  early learning. Here are some photos from some of the activities:
making groups: Being able to categorize is an important skill; it helps the brain deal with large volumes of information. Kids need to be able to notice details, evaluate if something belongs or not,and make decisions.bug-counting


counting: Counting is an early math skill and a basis for number sense as children learn that one item is one number and how many objects belong to each number.


bug-matching1 to1 matching: Being able to match one item to one number is a key to understanding how the number system works. Matching 1 object to another is practice for this brain connection: each caterpillar has a butterfly


bug-patternspatterns: Patterning is another thinking skill that helps children tackle information. They look for structure and repetition and can build on what they see and understand.


bug-sizessizes: Size is a somewhat tricky concept and has to do with relationships, how much of one thing there is in relation to another.


bug-colorscolors:  This a very tricky concept as there is so much variation in colors and so many different things with the same color.Lots of language used too to talk about colors.


These are some sample activities that children can do with anything as they play and learn. They develop all sorts of brain connections that will support later learning. Again, the emphasis is on play. Are these ideas helpful for you and your child?

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