Kindergarten Readiness Rocks! Counting Rocks

For some very inexpensive kindergarten readiness math fun and learning for young children, use rocks. Usually, rocks are quite easy to find and they can be fun to count. When counting, as you can, help your child point to or touch only one rock at a time. They will make mistakes as they learn how to count.
Counting is one of the first math skills that children learn, after they learn the names of numbers, that is. While kids may know the numbers in the right order, that does not mean they understand about counting. While it’s obvious to us, children need to learn that one item goes with one number. As we count, we are counting only one thing at a time. This is part of number sense and lots and lots of practice is needed just counting in order for kids’ brains to develop this basic understanding of numbers.

As children play, they develop their number sense and gradually figure out how many items belong to each number. If appropriate for your child, s/he may be ready for some early problem solving, too. Because children learn at different rates some will be able to count higher than others. Math activities will certainly be part of the lessons and play at kindergarten but the more experiences and play kids have with numbers before arriving at school the better will be their foundation. Does this activity count with you and your child?


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