Kindergarten Readiness Rocks! Chalk is a Rock

Chalk is a soft porous rock that can be used for some kindergarten readiness learning and fun. I just discovered on Pinterest (some hours ago) several new ideas to add to old favorites.

  • Drawing on the sidewalk, or driveway when the cars are safely out of the way, is great for really big pictures or giant letters. One thing about this icecream, it won’t melt. See photos 1 and 2.
  • Deborah Stewart at Teach Preschool drew big white fluffy clouds with chalk. When kids painted over the chalk clouds with plain water the clouds magically disappeared! Is that what happens to chalk pictures when it rains?
  • She also included a recipe for chalk paint from that is super easy. Crush chalk into a powder. In a small cup mix powder and a little bit of water at a time so it doesn’t get too thin.
  • The third picture shows kids drawing with chalk on a trampoline. That’s one way to make sure they are out of the way of any cars!

Just like other drawing, kids are learning to create, develop eye-hand control, visualize, interpret, communicate with pictures, experiment with colors, link words and images and more. We’ve all seen amazing sidewalk chalk art–see photo 4. Did you know all over the world there are chalk art festivals? You and your child can rock some chalk and have one at home!

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