Kindergarten Readiness Rocks! Young (Very) Entrepreneur

As our children play and learn they develop more than kindergarten readiness. This month, I’ve been highlighting learning activities with rocks; physical development, language, colors, sizes, shapes, science experiments, collecting, counting, patterning, art and other skills. But this is a rock activity that goes even beyond and into developing business skills.

Bella has turned ordinary rocks into works of art. Check out the bright, colorful faces and features she has painted on rocks. Both fun and work, she will be taking these to a yard sale. Her first business venture is Bella’s Rocks. Just think of all the skills that she is learning and that will impact her for the rest of her life: organizing, planning, math, interacting with grownups, socializing, communicating, using language as a business tool, attitude towards money, etc. While she may not make the dollars that Pet Rocks did, she is well on her way to a learning fortune.  Best of luck, Bella. Thank you for the lessons that you are teaching us. You rock!

Does your child show some early business interests in his/her play that can be developed and encouraged?

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