Kindergarten Readiness – Root Of Olympics is PLAY

tire-swingThe Olympics and kindergarten readiness have something in common. It is true to say that the Olympics showcase and celebrate Sport. But organized sports and competitions have their roots in PLAY.

We are currently watching some exciting soccer matches. The journey to being an Olympic soccer PLAYer may have been long and hard, but it began with a child playing and kicking a ball. The incredible gymnastic routines started with a little one crawling in, under, around and over the furniture in the house or anything else that was in the way of an infant playing on the floor.
Is this child swinging on a tire imagining she is Gabby Douglas? And the swimming excitement today as Michael Phelps earned a 20th medal? Wonder if it started with playing in a backyard kiddie pool?

Make no mistake, the achievements of the world start with play. Bridges? Playing with blocks. Museum paintings? Playing with colors. As you watch and listen to the Olympic coverage today, observe your child too. What might be starting to grow years from now as your child plays?

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