Kindergarten Readiness And Olympic Numbers

Today, kindergarten readiness goes to the Olympics for some number fun and learning. The Olympics may be the sporting event of the world but would it be possible without math? Scores, measurements, time, laps, points – it all needs math.

count-numbersNo matter if your child already knows numbers or not, all kids can benefit by noticing the different ways we use numbers and math in a day; this is called environmental math. Every time someone in your family notices numbers or uses another math idea, pop a counter such as buttons, pennies, or macaroni into a container. Checking the time, comparing sizes or figuring out how much of something there is will all count, too. The more ways you use math, the more counters in the container. Watch the total grow and grow. (Smarties will also work but it’s hard to wait to eat them.)

How full is your math-in-the-day container? Math really is part of every day in ways we do not usually notice. Math wins the Gold Medal! How many times did you use math today?


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