Play & Learn for Kindergarten Readiness: in the Bathroom

Even the bathroom can be a space for play that supports all kinds of fun, learning, kindergarten readiness, and brain development. With kids, there seems to be a fair amount of time spent in the bathroom anyway. Adults rarely get a minute in there by themselves. Standing at the light switch while a baby plays on-off, on-off doesn’t seem to get old for them as quickly as it does for us. Have you played that game? The sink and tub have more possibilities. Float, sink, big, little, full, empty, splash and pour are other games.

Baby-vs-BathwaterOne creative mom with a blog has a once a week bath theme night, or you may want to save some ideas for times when you can play, too.

  • Try some pirate toys, another time a car wash.
  • Empty bottles of all different shapes and sizes are fun for filling up and pouring out. Add a few holes in them and watch the water as it squirts out.
  • Pop some ice cubes into the tub or sink. Watch and “enjoy” how they melt. They don’t get all squishy like soap.
  • How about an ocean night with some plastic crabs and fish?

Because adults have to stay and watch the kids in the tub the whole time, sing a few songs, play in the water too, talk to the towels and ask them to please, please stay off the floor and find a place on the towel bar without squabbling. Who likes to listen to “Move over. No, this is my place. I don’t like when you touch me. I don’t like when you do gymnastics on the bar.” “Towels, you sound very grouchy with each other. Did you know you would be happier if you worked out this problem?” You will need 3 voices for that conversation, 1 for you, 1 for the first towel, and 1 for the second towel. Or more if there are lots of towels that need reminders about how to be friendly towels.

Are ideas just pouring into the creative part of your brain? You will know better than anyone else what will appeal to your your little one and your inner child, too. What other suggestions do you have for bathroom fun and learning and supporting your child to be a powerful learner?

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