Some Handy Ideas for Kindergarten Readiness: Drawing

Instead of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, for some kindergarten readiness learning and fun draw on some paper. (You are allowed to groan at that joke if you remember the book by that title.) Drawing can help the development of brain connections and small muscle control.

hand-artThis is a drawing of a hand. Tracing around a hand with a felt marker will leave a line on paper and on a hand! Drawing is also great practice for attention and focusing skills. As children draw, they are playing, stimulating imagination and representing what they see around them. Pictures on paper encourage visualization, that is creating pictures in the mind.

After your child draws a picture of a hand, you can print the word hand underneath and  then read it together. This helps your child understand that written words on a page have meaning. While this seems obvious to us, it is something your child has to figure out for later learning to read.

Talk about colors, too. Isn’t this quite a handful of early learning? And lots of fun?

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