Some Handy Ideas for Kindergarten Readiness: Autumn

Since it’s fall, how about an autumn kindergarten readiness learning and fun activity? In the fall, there are some wonderful nature treasures to touch and collect.
What do trees and leaves feel like in the fall? Careful about touching prickly blackberry bushes, especially that have no more blackberries. Are there some nuts that have fallen, or pinecones on the ground? There may be berries or rosehips on bushes and trees. Any birds on their way south? A walk around your block may not reveal many nature items but you and your child may be able to visit a park or playground.

I have mentioned the book “Last Child in the Woods”  by Richard Louv a few times. He writes that children are at risk of a Nature Deficit Disorder. We know that kids need outside time for physical development but they need to connect to the natural world around them for healthy emotional development, too. Children are also practicing observing and gaining basic science knowledge about what happens in the fall. They are noticing that some things have changed and some things haven’t. fall-adventure

dead-flowerKids often cope with change in their own lives, so noticing how some things change, like leaves on trees, but other, like the trees, stay the same may give them some reassurance.There’s lots to talk about in the fall, especially the beautiful fall colors. Some of these findings can create lovely nature-inspired art. Now there’s some fall inside, too. What will yours and your child’s hands find on a fall quest?



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