Kindergarten Readiness: Fall Nature Activities #2-Shoe

Fall is such a special time of year and there are many kindergarten readiness learning and fun activities. For an upcoming radio show, I was putting together some ideas for encouraging children’s connection to nature. To make it easier to remember, there are 10 nature posts and each one rhymes with the number. Here is today’s: #2 shoe, or rather boot. Shoes and boots come in twos and boots are needed for the fun of splashing in puddles.
Rainy days have lots of opportunities for children to connect to nature. Splashing in puddles, watching the rain fall on the sidewalk and little rivers of water flowing along the curbs, and standing under trees where the leaves act like an umbrella. Rain stimulates the senses: what does the rain sound like, feel like, look like and smell like? Put a cup out to catch some rain and bring it inside. Show your child how the rain water can be a little dirty or cloudy from the air. But plants love rain water.

There may be bigger puddles called ponds or lakes to explore—with adequate concern for safety. Water play may start in the sink or bathtub at home but can expand to puddles and rivers and lakes and oceans. Children also need to learn to be safe and respectful of water, that’s part of the nature connection, too. Do you and your child like rainy days?

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  1. We didn’t have snow in southern California, but we did get rain. My mom was not one to let the weather impede any plans. Dressed appropriately, in raincoats and boots, we were encouraged not only to walk in the rain but to enjoy it and to splash in the puddles. Her attitude was, “Who’s afraid of a little rain?” To small children, especially, rain is something to be enjoyed, not avoided. And children’s bodies and clothes are meant for play.

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