Kindergarten Readiness: Fall Nature Activities #4-Out a Door

1, 2, 3,4, grab your coats and out the door; we’re going for a walk around the block to look for fall and have some kindergarten readiness fun and learning. A simple walk in your neighborhood can be a journey of discovery as children begin to notice that changes that happen for each season. Children’s lives seem to have lots of changes and seeing some things change but still stay the same gives them a feeling of security. Noticing changes in the natural world will help them cope with changes in their world through their connection to nature.

We looked up and down and all around. In the sky, in the middle and on the ground. We looked, and we smelled, listened, touched and we even tasted. There was nature all around. Children can discover nature anywhere; they do not have to be in a park or wilderness area. Is there some nature near the bus stop? There might be some fall leaves caught in the gutter. Maybe some one’s yard has some rocks of different shapes and colors or there may be pine cones that have fallen. What are the clouds doing? Any birds in the sky? We were able to taste some blackberries still on the bushes but most of them were dry and shriveled. But the birds will like them and the red berries in the tree across the street.

Nature is a feast for the senses. That’s one of the reasons why time in nature feels so invigorating. Can you and your child explore and discover some nature during your day?

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