Kindergarten Readiness ABC`s – O = Outside Learning & Fun

For today’s kindergarten readiness play-of-the-day, how about some learning and fun outside, that doesn’t even need the box?!

winter-child-climbing - Copy3

Just in case you haven’t read it enough on this blog, kids need time in nature. For that matter, so do adults. Children today are at-risk of not being able to develop a strong and sustained connection to nature. They need time outside to experience the sun, the wind, the plants and even the weather.

Winter can be a challenging time to be outdoors but sometimes outside can be brought inside. Gather up a big plastic bowl of snow, bring it in and set it in the sink. Kids can play with it there and any mess will just go down the sink. What does it feel like? What happens to it? You may live somewhere that gets days and days and days of endless rain, but while grownups don’t love puddles, kids certainly do. In areas with sun, enjoy the time outside. There will still likely be seasonal changes to notice and explore.

Wherever your family lives, is there a way to give your child some outside time?

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