Kindergarten Readiness Wears a Pink Shirt Today

Why is kindergarten readiness wearing a pink shirt today? Because it’s Pink Shirt or Anti-Bullying  Day. This year, it is just 6 years old and it started when 2 boys got a group of friends to all wear pink shirts in support of a classmate who was teased and bullied about wearing a pink shirt. Since then, the idea has spread and has become a day to talk about how bullying can affect kids and what we can do.

It’s an important day for parents, too. In 2012 Dr. Rashmi Shetgiri led a research study into bullying. Results were published in the American Journal of Public Health, “We discovered how important parental communication and involvement with their children can be in preventing bullying,” Shetgiri said.

importance of parent involvementChildren’s learning in school only builds on what parents have already started at home. In Dr. Shetgiri’s words, “I can never state enough the importance of being as present and involved in a child’s life as possible.”

For a play-of-the-day today, spend some time with your child. You can talk together, read a book, sing some songs, build with blocks, play with toys, go for a walk, or swing in the park. Having children help with a task or chore gives them a chance to feel like they are contributing. Oh, and wear a pink shirt. After all, it’s Pink Shirt Day. Is this an issue for your child?

Pink-shirt-day2 - CopyP.S. Just had to add a postscript when I saw this on FB. It’s perfect for today and big advice from a little people.

“Someone was excited to wear his pink shirt today and said “mommy I need to wear pink to my school today so people will stop being mean to each other and saying mean things, you know mommy that’s not nice” pretty cool to see that he understands the concept behind this. ❤”


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