Kindergarten Readiness: Science of Drumming for Kids

Yes, exploring drumming can be part of science, and the learning and fun help develop kindergarten readiness.

developing kindergarten readinessIn a dark, forgotten corner of a drawer in the sewing room, was an old toy monkey with a little tin drum. The monkey would tap on the drum with a squeeze on a plastic bulb. Only a little bit of playing with the monkey and drum was needed to turn other things into drums. First, on old tin in another sewing drawer, then some other containers of different sizes, all had turns. Chopsticks were just right for drumsticks.

Science is all about exploring and asking questions. Discovering the different noises all these various containers made was not just a noisy question, it was a noisy answer too. But it was many minutes of wondering, careful listening, paying attention, making decisions, comparing, exploring, and other kinds of learning. Plus, it was a fun way to play. One hand, two hands, drumming on a drum. What other items might make drums?

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