Kindergarten Readiness: Simple Science with Fridge Magnets

Not all new fridges are magnet friendly, nevertheless fridge magnets are simple little items for some easy science and kindergarten readiness learning and fun.

A metal foot that popped out from underneath an easy chair was too intriguing to be ignored. Especially, when it turned out to be the same size and shape as a fridge magnet. Lo and behold, it stuck to the magnet, at least on the metal side. What else would it stick to? Little hands tried tables, chairs, the floor, a spoon, the dishwasher and even the rocks and trim of the fireplace. To extend, the activity, I asked if other fridge magnets also stuck to those things. And off went the eager, but young, scientist.

This play-of-the-day activity appeals to both younger and older kids. Kids can either wander around the house checking out what might or might not stick, or you can put lots of objects on a tray for them to try. Put a piece of paper over something magnetic and show your child that it still works right thru the paper! It’s also fun to see if a magnet can pick up objects thru a light piece of fabric. What discoveries can your child make with a fridge magnet?

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