Easter Math

1 little, 2 little, 3 little Easter bunnies hop for some kindergarten readiness learning and fun. Do you remember being at school and having to work on math problems such as: If Ryan has 3 Easter eggs and gives one to Jason, how many does he have left? Or, if Emily has 4 eggs in her basket and finds 3 more how many does she have? The names and numbers may have been different depending on what years you were in school and the particular holiday.

For some children, solving these math problems can be difficult. Kids need lots of real experiences before they get to school to develop the brain wiring and pathways. Nowadays, these are not called problems but math stories and are easy and fun to do at home. Since it’s Easter, how about using some little bunny crackers? And fishy ones, too? Easter math activitiesYou can put some bunny and fish crackers on a little plate. Have your child figure out if there are more fish crackers or more bunny ones. It’s okay to eat the extra ones. As your child is able, you can tell some stories such as: Here are 2 bunnies and 2 more come hop, hop, hopping along. Now there are how many bunny friends? Or, 5 little fish were swimming on a plate, 1 swam away and that’s what I ate. Oh no, how many fish are left?

Kids soon get the idea and make up their own stories. Not all the answers will be the right number, but kids are still practicing. They are learning that the number will change after an action. That seems obvious to us, but it’s a new idea to them. Stories can be easy or complicated as kids play and explore. What math stories will your child tell and eat?

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