Kindergarten Readiness Fun & Learning at the Playground

For children, the whole world might be their playground but there is something special about a playground space for all kinds of fun, learning, and kindergarten readiness. Even small neighborhood tot lots are great for moving and being outside. The dirt, grass, rocks, and puddles will all appeal to kids, as will the swings and slides. There is a need for more supervision that a fenced backyard but several families can meet for playground-dates.
developing kindergarten readiness
At the playground, children will play on the equipment differently. Some children are very risk-tolerant and will want to try everything, some are risk-aversive and will need encouragement. Part of the time, kids can also direct their own exploration and adventures. Parents get to practice balancing and juggling safety versus standing back.

developing kindergarten readinessSome of the benefits of time at the playground are obvious, such as strengthening muscles and developing coordination, getting fresh air in and excess energy out. Children also practice social skills as they share and take turns. Sometimes, they need to negotiate with playmates as they interact. Kids practice problem-solving, making choices, and language skills. Besides these and others, little ones are developing big connections to nature.

For another play-of-the-day that starts with a p (April starts with a p), is there an opportunity for you and your child to have some fun and learning time at the playground?

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