Kindergarten Readiness: Pocket Treasure Hunt

Today you can tuck some kindergarten readiness fun and learning into a pocket. Children’s pockets hold all kinds of treasures and things they collect. From a special stone picked up on a walk to the bus, to a bit of shiny paper, to a tissue that smells like mommy, a car, block, or tiny stuffie, a pocket is handy for them all. Experience soon teaches parents to check kids’ pockets before doing the wash.

It’s no wonder that the little bear Corduroy wanted his very own pocket. Written by Don Freeman, A Pocket For Corduroy is anpocket-for-corduroy older book, but a favorite for kids because they can all relate to having a pocket. In the story the little bear looks for solutions to having a pocket of his own. It’s quite an adventure that stretches kids’ imagination as soap flakes turn into a ski hill and more.

Parents and caregivers can also use this book to explore with children how important it is not to go off on their own. Corduroy gets locked in the laundromat all night when he does that. Kids also hear how doing just a small thing for someone else can make a big difference. (Below is a video of this wonderful little book, about 8 minutes long.)

You and your child can talk about what’s in your pockets or go for a walk to find something to put in them. Your child can go for a pocket treasure hunt right in the house.  Did you know that pockets can also hold kisses?

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