Campfire Songs Boost Kindergarten Readiness

helping develop kindergarten readinessSitting around the campfire and singing is a favorite activity at camps for kids but families can do it too for great fun and memories plus it boosts kindergarten readiness. Music has a powerful impact on children’s early development because it stimulates connections in the brain and singing is part of music. Following is a short list of ways that singing can help kids learn, either before or after the marshmallows.

  • Songs have lots of repetition and patterns. Recognizing patterns is an important thinking skill and helps us to remember.
  • Learning a language needs a big chunk of brain space and songs can help with language fluency and learning new words.
  • Singing encourages attentive listening, and all parents know what a challenge it is getting kids to listen.
  • Math and music use similar pathways in the brain because both of them are based on a system. Notes and numbers go up and down. Music has spaces, math has zeros. They each have predictable patterns.
  • Songs have rhythms and so do bodies. These are more patterns.

Singing is a way of interacting. When we sing together we are sharing an experience and connecting on an emotional and social level. Many important events and celebrations have powerful songs. Songs can help kids and grownups make new friends. These are just a few of the ways that singing boosts fun, learning, kindergarten readiness and life skills. What songs will your family sing around the campfire?

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