Super Heros for Summer Fun/Learning & Kindergarten Readiness

benefits of super-hero play Even though it is sometimes controversial, super hero play can be a great opportunity for children to have fun, learn, and boost kindergarten readiness.

Super heros are pretty active and moving is tremendously important for learning, both for bodies and for brains. When children move, they are solving some difficult problems like how to get from one spot to another as fast as possible. While it is the body that moves, the brain has to figure out what body part moves first, then next, and when other parts join in. The brain is making pathways for sequencing that will be used for other kinds of learning, such as language. The body’s position in space and the sense of movement are actually two other senses in addition to the 5 we know.

Super hero play also involves social skills. Kids need to learn how much action is okay and how much is too much for interacting with others. Learning to control impulses is quite a challenge and during super hero play, kids get to practice this. They might want to run madly in the house like a lightning fast super hero but they have to go slower inside and save the warp speed for an outside area where there’s lots of space. Being able to control impulses is beneficial at any age, but certainly at kindergarten where children will be learning that sometimes individual needs come after the needs of the group.

Super heros often come to the rescue and help others. Caring for others is an important value we all want children to have. When we see children engaged in pretend battles, we can ask them if they are rescuing someone and recognize that aspect of the action. Super heros often go on quests or journeys for something. This helps kids learn that actions in the present may not have their reward until some time in the future, and that is a valuable life lesson. Playing super heros is a wonderful summer fun and learning activity. Does your child have a favorite super hero?

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