Pirate Fun Activies for Kids #1: Drawing Maps

X shows where the treasure is on a pirate map, and drawing a map is a treasure of fun and learning that supports kindergarten readiness. Encouraging children to play with crayons, scissors, markers, and pencils before they start school, gives children some experiences but not all children are interested. Even those who are reluctant though, will eagerly draw a treasure map for pirates!

Big pieces of paper or paper bags torn open are easier to spread out on the floor. Before drawing, kids can crumple the paper and tear the edges. Even before coloring, it’s already fun. What kinds of things might be on treasure map? Monsters and dragons, big waves and fierce winds, huge rocks and islands are possibilities and are easy to draw. Lines can go in any direction and be curvy, squiggly, zigzag and straight. And there is no right way or wrong way. That’s important for confidence. Kids can use markers, crayons, highlighters, pencils, and pens and use any colors, including black.

Besides drawing, there’s fun for imaginations. Usually we think of imagination as being part of a child’s personality, but it is a skill and like others, needs exercise and practice. To help your child imagine, talk about pirates and treasure. Where might the treasure be? What other things are around there? All of this helps children to make a picture in their minds or visualize. Visualizing is a sort of drawing in your mind and is an important thinking skill. Words and talking help make mind pictures and gives children an opportunity to use language for explaining.

A pirate map supports children as they learn to use drawing and writing tools, strengthens muscles in the hands and fingers, exercises the thinking skills of visualizing and imagining, and boosts confidence and use of language and other learning and readiness skills. Plus it is creative and fun. Isn’t that quite a powerful treasure?

P.S. Why did the pirate-chicken cross the ocean? To get to the other tide!

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