Kindergarten Readiness: Routines Help Kids Connect

Today, as I watched some brand new kindergarten kids, I was reminded of the importance of routines and how they can help kindergarten readiness. For both drop-off and pick-up times, the kids lined up along the wall and waited for either their teacher or their parents. Not only were the parents there, but there were little brothers and sisters and some day-care teachers and babysitters. That’s a lot of people and even though the kids were looking all around, they couldn’t see their parents. But the kids stayed close to the wall and waited. it can be scary all alone but they knew the routine and felt secure. Sometimes, ‘routine’ can seem like a bad word, but for these young children, routine was a sort of school security blanket. developing kindergarten readinessEarlier this week, another radio show host contacted me to be a guest on his show. I felt much less nervous because I know what to expect and how the equipment works. I have a routine of getting a cup of water, starting my laptop, turning off my phone, and plugging in the headset. I’m familiar with the time per segment and know when to expect the breaks. It’s the same for kids. In so much that’s new and being done for the first time, they feel relieved to have some clues about what’s coming next and what to do. Routines give clues.

LearnAndPlayWithMrsA-smllFor a play-of-the-day today, have some fun with routines. Get all mixed up and let the kids “correct” you. For instance, you could tell the kids to brush their teeth and get ready for bed after breakfast. Pause as you are doing something and see if the kids know what comes next. Let your child tell you what to do. But no having dessert first! How does the routine go at your house or care center?

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