Kindergarten Readiness, Young Children, and Sports

Recently, some friends posted a photo of their two-year old in her soccer t-shirt and number. While young children are not ready for all aspects of organized sports, some activities can be part of early childhood development and kindergarten readiness. Sports are one way of connecting kids to fun and learning. Young children need lots of physical activity for both healthy bodies and healthy brains. Sports, at an appropriate level for the age of the child, can be one way of doing that. Young children are not yet ready for competition, but they are ready to run around and have fun.

kindergarten readiness and movement activitiesFor physical activities for kids, besides sports programs, there are neighborhood playgrounds, especially for those without backyards. Communities have parks and recreation programs, as well. Sometimes, whole gyms will be available complete with balls, hoops, and other equipment for parents or caregivers with toddler and preschool kids. Swimming lessons can start even before children are a year old. Family swim times are often scheduled for weekends when more people have free time.

Movement activities are important for thinking and brain connections. As children slide, stretch, run, jump, hop, twist, turn, push, pull. balance, roll, crawl, kick, swim, and all the other actions, they are developing muscle coordination and also, neural pathways. Bodies and brains each need exercise, and fortunately, we can do both at the same time.

For a play-of-the-day that connects fun and learning, as well as bodies and brains, what are some physical activities that your child can do?

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