Kindergarten Readiness: Fall Nature Crowns

fall nature crown activityWe could hardly wait to try this new idea we saw of a fall nature crown. It’s a great craft for kindergarten readiness and connecting to nature. The rain stopped overnight and a warm wind blew more leaves and seeds all around. First we cut out a crown using some packing paper and as soon as it was dry enough, out we went.

We found all sorts of signs of fall to pick and tape onto a crown. There were some soft, yellow leaves, some tall, dry grass, a dandelion that was ready to blow away, a stick of dried blackberries, and a flower head.

fall-crown2There were pine cones under the trees but they would not stay on the crown so we just left them on the ground. A big, juicy blackberry didn’t get taped on either. Big Sister ate it up. We found one to share with Little Sister too.

Helping children develop a connection to nature is a gift we can give them that will last a lifetime. There are so many positive benefits for both kids and adults such as lower stress levels, less anxiety, higher creativity and problem-solving strategies, as well as increased confidence and social skills. No wonder time in nature reigns! Will some nature time be part of the day for your child?

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