Halloween Songs for Fun, Learning and Kindergarten Readiness

To make sure that there’s plenty of time to, er… enjoy … Halloween songs, and for fun, learning, and kindergarten readiness, here are some to sing over and over. Simple ones are easy to sing and action songs give a chance to try out some Halloween moves.

Halloween Tens

Halloween songs for kids1 little, 2 little, 3 little spooky ghosts,
4 little, 5 little, 6 little spooky ghosts,
7 little, 8 little, 9 little spooky ghosts,
10 little spooky ghosts, BOO! (scare each other and run around)

Change this to be 10 scary witches (EEEE) that fly around, 10 little skeletons (UhUhUh) that shake and shiver, 10 little hairy monsters (GROWL) walk like monsters, and 10 little jack-o-lanterns (SMILE). Since jack-o-lanterns don’t move, this can be the end of the song for just sitting. There can also be more verses for other things that kids suggest.

Halloween Fun (tune of Mary Had A Little Lamb)

Halloween songs for kidsWe are pumpkins big and round, big and round, big and round.
We are pumpkins big and round, sitting on the ground.

We are ghosts flying ’round, flying ’round, flying ’round.
We are ghosts flying ’round, without a sound.
(tiptoes, shh)

We are witches stirring brew, stirring brew, stirring brew.
We are witches stirring brew, we’ll cast a spell on You!

We are monsters big and hairy, big and hairy, big and hairy.
We are monsters big and hairy, oh so scary!

We are kids on Halloween night, Halloween night, Halloween night.
We are kids on Halloween night, ready to Trick or Treat.

Songs are great for all kinds of learning, such as: counting, rhythm, memory, listening, rhyming, using language and other strategies. Coordinating actions to words is a tricky skill. Singing is also a very social activity because we have to watch and listen to others so we can sing together. Singing is quite a treat, isn’t it?

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