Halloween Mummies PreWriting Fun and Learning Activity

halloween mummy paper dolls activityHas your child had some scribbling and drawing fun that will help for later learning to write and kindergarten readiness? Halloween has such wonderful visuals that appeal to kids. Even if your child is not at all interested in learning to hold a pencil or crayon and marking on a paper, drawing on a mummy doesn’t seem like the same thing at all. That sounds kind of like fun.

With some help from adult hands, Big Sister and I folded a big white paper like a wide fan. I drew an outline of just head, arms and legs and together we cut it out because the folds make it quite thick. Then, we unfolded it and had a whole string of mummies, like paper dolls.

halloween mummy paper dolls activityUsing a black marker, Big Sister drew the lines across to look like a mummy all wrapped up. Correction: they were not lines, they were the big bandaids. Good thing adults have kids to get it right for them.

Learning to write doesn’t start when children enter kindergarten. It starts from long before as children build, paint, do puzzles and, of course, draw and color. Those first few marks of a pen on a paper, chalk on the sidewalk, and sometimes, markers on the wall, are the beginning, when children are wobbly toddlers.

Not all children are eager to play with crayons, paints, and other writing tools. We can encourage their exploration and experimentation by using what interests them. Will this idea appeal to your child?


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