Kindergarten Readiness: Concerts Celebrate Fun & Learning

One of the highlights of this time of year is the concerts that showcase what kids can do; concerts are also a way to celebrate fun and learning at a variety of ages and stages.

Christmas concert fun and learningThere’s something extra special about a school concert that gives a view into the future. In a few years the kindergarten students who look so little and cute now will be the big kids in grade 6 or 7, who barely have room on the stage and are taller than many adults. These grade 2’s already seem so much older. By contrast, after going to a daycare concert the kindergarteners don’t look small anymore. Instead, they seem quite grownup compared to the preschoolers.

Christmas concert fun and learningBeing in a concert may not be a new situation for your child, but it doesn’t happen often. Standing in front of other people and looking out at them needs some self-confidence. In addition, all kids will get some practice regulating their emotions so they can cope with their level of excitement or nervousness. There can be differing levels of anxiety both before and during their performance.

Christmas concert fun and learningSpeaking of practice, in the days and weeks before the concert, children have been learning songs, rhymes or other presentations. This is good exercise for memories. Kids have also been figuring out how to coordinate with others. For even a short song, kids need to match their voices to the rest of the group and sing or say the words at the same time as the others. Actions are often included adding another dimension to the activity. Not getting distracted by everything happening around them, can be challenging for kids! Preschool concerts help with kindergarten readiness, and kindergarten concerts help with other grades and on down the line…

All the learning that’s needed isn’t obvious when we are watching kids. The most wonderful part doesn’t happen until the end, when parents and family share with kids how proud they are and how it was so exciting to see them on stage. Do you agree all that is worth celebrating?

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