Snowman Sock Puppet for Learning and Fun

For a snowman that won’t melt, you and your child can make a snowman sock puppet for some fun, learning and kindergarten readiness. While just about any sock that’s missing it’s mate will do, a white sock is the same color as a snowman.

snowman sock puppetMaking sock puppets with kids is like getting a 3 for 1 deal. First, there is a some planning and organizing in order to make the puppet. While looking thru the button box, Big Sister found a really big one that we used for the hat. It tended to be quite floppy so maybe was not the best choice. Second, when playing with the puppet kids will use lots of language. Little Sister didn’t even wait until we’d attached the buttons and face. She put the sock on her hand and talked to just the sock. Third, the imagination gets some exercise as kids pretend to have a conversation, sometimes even using different voices.

snowman-sock-puppetSock puppets is a great use of perfectly good socks that have lost mates somewhere in the laundry. The easiest way to make one is to slip it over the hand and arm and tuck in the toe to make a mouth. (If you forget, like I did, kids usually have small enough hands to make a mouth on the top side as long as the sock is quite big.) Sewing buttons on a sock is not easy and it helps to use thicker thread or even yarn.

Now, comes the fun part. What does the snowman say?  Does it have a name? How will it talk? As kids have a conversation, we can listen to what they already know, like taking turns, greeting each other, responding and more. All this from an old sock. You can also take this snowman in the car. Does your child like to play with puppets?

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