Happy St. Patrick’s Day Fun For Little One’s

Just as one pot can hold many pieces of gold, St. Patrick’s Day has many different ways for kids to have fun. All the fun can help with early development and kindergarten readiness. Here are some ideas to start:

st. patrick's day tea party funWear something green today. Kids can look and find some clothing that’s green.

Have a green snack, like guacamole and chips, or green veggies like broccoli and celery with a dilly dip. The Irish love tea, you could invite a friend for a tea party.

Play with green playdough or plasticine. Include some yellow to make pieces of gold. Count the gold to see how much there is. For help with counting, roll out the numbers.

Young girl jumping on a bedBuild with green blocks or green Lego and Duplo bricks. Or use other blocks and things to make a Leprechaun trap.

Leprechauns like to hide their gold. Kids can hide some treasures for others to find. Or hide themselves!

Read some stories about St. Patrick’s Day.

Put on some lively music and dance a jig.

Go outside to see what might be green. Some areas may have bits of green where the snow has melted. Are you lucky enough to have an early spring? Warm places have lots of green.

colorsKids can paint a picture with just green, or all the colors of the rainbow.

Bend and twist some green, fuzzy pipe cleaners into all kinds of different shapes.

Go to the park and pretend the slide is a rainbow. The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow could be a great big hug.

These are a few suggestions for things to do. Not all of them will appeal to or be appropriate for all kids. Leprechauns are amazingly creative and love to play. As children play, they are learning more about themselves and the world around them. No matter what the day, that’s worth celebrating. What will you do for fun today?

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