draw an Easter bunny step-by-step

Drawing an Easter Bunny Step-by-Step

Being able to draw is not a skill that is easy for me, even as an adult while some children seem to draw effortlessly, at very young ages like 3 and 4. For many children, drawing can be made easier if we break down the process into steps and that will help other learning skills and kindergarten readiness. Here are the steps to draw a marvelous, simple Easter Bunny from a wonderful Usborne Playtime book called I can draw animals.

How To Draw a Simple Easter Bunny

  • The first step is to draw a medium-size circle for the head.
  • On the top of the circle go 2 long ears.
  • Underneath the head is a big circle for the body.
  • Then add the face, tail, paws.

… That’s the basics.

Big Sister has more steps because she colored in some grass. Dirt goes under the grass. On the top there is a sky. In the middle is the dark night when the Easter Bunny hides the egg, and she is coloring in some eggs hiding in the grass too.

How Drawing Helps Kids Learn

Drawing and coloring are activities that help children develop brain connections and improve fine motor control. Kids need to practice attention and focusing skills as they think about what they are drawing.

When drawing, the hand is not the only part that is making a picture, so is the mind. This is called visualization. Making pictures in the mind, is what we do when we are reading; drawing helps kids with this process. It also reinforces the link between marks on a page and meaning. Images are an alternative way to communicate and share with others. They also stimulate language and expression. There’s sequencing, listening to instructions, and using imagination too.

Drawing is a great play activity, both fun and learning. Does your child like to draw? Do easy steps like this make drawing more enjoyable?

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