What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 1: PLAY

PLAY Makes Childhood Magical

Recently, a popular article has been circulating written by Bunmi Laditan declaring “I’m Done Making My Kid’s Childhood Magical.” This mom states that she’s had it with themed birthdays, elaborate crafts, and contrived memories. She explores some of the things that made childhood magical for her.

After reading, I tried to remember what made magical childhood memories for me? Both my parents worked long hours and long days but we were also welcome to bring home friends at anytime, had a small corner of the basement as a play room, and had lots of time to run around outside. I can’t remember much of what the adults did for us, but I certainly recall the things I did: playing in the shed-turned-playhouse outside, a mud kitchen, dressing the cats, building forts from blankets and sticks, and giving temporary homes to assorted bugs and other critters. One of my favorite games was hide-and-seek. This was one of the few times when there was an advantage to being smaller than everyone else; I could squeeze into unlikely places. play makes childhood magical

My kids did some of these but instead of an old shed in the yard, they had a space under the deck. Living in a city limits some activities, but adds others. If there is a secret formula for a magical childhood, one of the special ingredients is PLAY. Time and and space to play is so important for children that it is enshrined in the UN Rights Of The Child. Play is how a child interacts with the world. Of your childhood memories, are the magical moments play activities? Is there time and space for your child to play today?


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