Mother’s Day Handmade Placemat Gift Craft for Kids

Mother’s Day Special Placemat: Easy Craft for Kids

mother's day placemat gift craftFor young children, parents seem to be part of the territory. Kids are very ego-centric and concerned with their own needs and wants but learning to say thank you and do things for others is an important part of a relationship. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to practice valuable social skills.

There are gazillions of ideas of projects that kids can do for Mother’s Day. One that will last for years is a placemat made from a child’s art. These are fun to have and collect over the years and to see the growth and development of a child. The way a child prints his or her name from year to year will bring back memories.

mother's day placemat gift craftTo make a placemat, use a large or double-size piece of paper. Kids can use paints or crayons to color and even just scribble. To make it sturdier, you can glue onto a second paper.  If possible, have this laminated. An office supply store will often have this service it’s not expensive.

The back of a big piece of wrapping paper is usually white and can be okay for little artists. Other adults can ask kids what they do with their moms and write it down for them. This also helps children learn the connection between meaning and print and that it can be relevant and personal. Have kids print or write their names too.

mother's day placemat gift craftThere are other easy gifts that kids can make for moms and mom-figures. Not all children will be with their moms for Mother’s Day. An idea for kids who do not see their mom is to get a flower to plant in a garden or pot. Pansies are often easy to look after and do not get too big for a small space. The name pansy means thoughts. Whatever children create will be a treasure for moms, altho it may not be surprise.

Is this a doable project at your house or center? What are some projects that you have from other years?

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