What Makes Childhood Magical? Part 13: Community Events

The Magic of Community Events

Magic comes in many shapes, sizes, colors, sounds, and tastes. One place to find a whole variety of these is at a community event or celebration. From clowns and candy floss, to parades and pony rides, and everything in between, kids remember special events and anticipate them from year to year. As grownups, we remember them too and can hardly wait to share them with our own children.

magic of childhood community eventsDo you have memories of some exciting events from your childhood? Growing up in a rural area, each spring and summer I got to go to a few rodeos and fairs. Some communities have been having these events for decades, and in a few cases, for more than 100 years! That is magic that endures.

Not only are events full of all kinds of stimulation for the senses, they also have lots of action and ways to move. Giant slides, bouncy castles, boat rides, and merry-go-rounds are a few of the exciting activities.

Unfortunately, some of these can be expensive, but there are often some that are affordable or even free. Packing a backpack of your own food and water and only buying a special treat is one way of saving money.

magic of childhood community eventsBeing part of a community is also important for social development. We all need to feel like we belong. Sharing community events and celebrations with others helps to promote this sense of belonging in kids and stretches their circle beyond the family. After a whole day of fun and magic, there might be fireworks to light up the night sky. Are community events and celebrations magic for your children–and you?


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